Majorca Master Class

8 thoughts on “Majorca Master Class”

  1. Hi Ben I enjoyed reading about your experiences! You guys did a great job on the film and the amount of time put into this shines through! I really should start doing more BTS on my own stuff from now as well. It really is worth the effort , as you’ve shown.


  2. Hey Ben. Loved reading your piece and appreciate your heart felt words. LOVED working with your 5D very different to The EX1 specially for BTS ….200 clips in 4 hours ouch 🙂 Have a great journey and keep in touch let us know where you are and what you shooting. Hasta la Vista x

    1. Thank you, Coco. Certainly is possible to overshoot BTS and then do nothing with it. I find CS5.5 to be good at clearing thru lots of footage fast. No way I’d 422 convert all of that using FCP. Hasta que nuestro próximo encuentro!


  3. Ben! Immensely enjoyed reading your entry. I am so exhilarated by your kind words, will have to mop myself off the floor now, I’ve also melted…

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